This is what it’s all about!

Sometimes I need some space to share my thoughts. Sometimes this means its just a very short post and sometimes it will be a little bit more. Some kind of tutorial or what ever.

Actually I’m a front-end developer located in Freiburg, Germany. Maybe you’ve head of this city: Smashing Magazine is based here, too.
I’m currently working as a freelancer at /gebrüderheitz with people like Daniel and Steffen. I’m also engaged in some projects: I do some fancy stuff with Christian (we do Pagetimer), with Daniel I’m developing WordPress-Themes for Themeforest under the name Flipthemes (you should checkout this theme) and there is this kinda new project Smart-Students with some other guys. Go check it out if you want to.

So, most of the time I’m developing HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I really like all the HTML5 and CSS3 goodness and try to code “cutting edge”. Sometimes this is not possible in regard to the customers need. But anyway…
My favorite JS library is (as I think you can guess) jQuery and I try to stay up to date with all the new stuff they’re bringing in with every minor release. You should definitely read their blog to get to know the latest news.
Furthermore I really do a lot of stuff with WordPress and TYPO3.

There are some other things I’m doing. Check out my Github-Account.

If you have any questions, feel free to write something.

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